10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing

More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet.

This spring, InterVarsity Press launched the #ReadWomen project. We’d like to contribute to the discussion by introducing you to 10 female theologians on our radar. The obvious question, of course, is how we identified our curating criteria. Although some might define theologian by strictly academic standards, we opted to use fairly broad parameters.

We looked for women with MDiv degrees, minimally, who self-identify as theologians and are engaged with theology through writing, teaching, or conversation in the public square (in the form of a podcast, for example). We also selected theologians who are new to the field or otherwise unfamiliar to the majority of our Christianity Today readers. Although in a technical sense the study of theology is categorically distinct from pastoral ministry, nonetheless many of these women are actively applying their knowledge of theology to formal and informal ministries within academia and the broader church.

In the process of researching the list, we deliberately consulted with both female and male scholars (quoted here) who could speak from a position of expertise and articulate the unique accomplishments of these women. Although these names represent a small fraction of a large and growing pool of noteworthy female theologians, we hope to continue this conversation in the coming years by platforming other women. With that in mind, we’d like to hear from you. Email us and let us know whom you’re reading and listening to these days.

In no particular order, here are some of the new or lesser-known female theologians we’re excited about:

Amy Brown Hughes, assistant professor of theology, Gordon College

As a historical theologian, Amy Brown Hughes studies the interface …

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