The Benefits Of Surfactants


Surfactants that are water-based are present in liquid detergents and face cleansers, and the good part is that they do a fabulous job in the cleaning up process. The liquid detergents are very effective in getting the grease and the oil off the utensils very easily. These surfactants are also present in fabric softeners, emulsifiers, adhesives, herbicides, and liquids that prevent fogging. Want to know more about them? Great, let us get started.

Benefits And Uses

When water-based surfactants are present in cleaning agents such as detergent. It permits the detergent to dissolve properly in the water. This allows the cleaning agent to eliminate dirt from any surface. Without these surfactants the soap would not dissolve into the water, this would hinder the cleaning process. These surfactants are included in shaving cream and lubricants too. This is why you find it so easy to shave stubble without experiencing any irritation. These are also found in lubricants for cars, which keep the particles from clinging to the parts of the engine, this will allow the parts to work fine in a car.

How Are These Surfactants Used

These surfactants are mostly used in products from the cosmetic sector. Their unique chemical properties render them very beneficial to the users. Here are some of the products that have these Stepan surfactants in them. Have a read.

Cleansers And Detergents

Since these surfactants are amphiphilic in nature they have the ability to trap a lot of sebum, dirt, and oil. They are effectively extracted from the skin and then washed very easily. These are found in products like face washes, shampoos, and soaps.

Dispersing Or Wetting Agents

These surfactants are capable of eliminating any intramolecular force they also allow better penetration and spread. This facilitates better cleaning of the hair and skin.


These are also used in mascaras, conditioners for the hair, and body lotions that are used in the winter months.

Foaming Agents

These kinds of water-based surfactants have the ability to reduce the tension on the surface where the water meets the air. They also produce better bubble or lather formation. These are used in shaving foams and creams.


These are also used as a substitute for emulsifiers that help to stabilize the mix of water and oil for a long period. Such emulsifiers are included in products such as conditioners, lotions, and creams.

Wrapping Up

So this is all you need to know about surfactants that are water-based. They are an essential component of our lives. Whether it is doing laundry, washing your face, or washing dishes, these industrial surfactants make cleaners very effective. So it would help a lot if you are aware of the surfactant that is already in the items that you utilize. You must always remember to use mild ones as and when possible. Also, you must purchase from those brands that refrain from using harsh chemicals such as parabens and SLS. Now that you are armed with the right knowledge you will know exactly what to do.

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