Finding Cool Golf Apparel for Women Golfers

Many people are of the view that a polo top and khaki shorts reaching below the knee are the cool women’s golf apparel but today these apparel for women golfers have become outdated. While making apparel for women golfers companies have to follow the rules set by most of the golf clubs described here under.

Rules for cool women’s golf apparel

Though these rules can vary with each golf club still the manufacturers of golf apparel for women have to follow them. Their products can be rejected by the related golf club if they are not prepared as per their rules.

The golf apparel policy of the expensive golf clubs is a bit stricter to give an exclusive look to their players. Some of them may not allow shorts to be worn by their members.

It is better to play on a golf course managed by the municipality if you play golf casually within your budget as most of them do not have any dress code for women golfers.

However, if you do not know about the dress code of the golf course you are planning to visit then instead of getting harassed after reaching there you must make a phone call to know in this regard.

Tips to find cool women’s golf apparel

Women’s cool golf apparel can depend upon the golf club you are planning to play in. Commonly used cool women’s golf apparel are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Bottoms: Bottoms are the most important part of golf apparel for women. Usually, shorts, skorts, or slacks are used as bottoms by women golfers. Most of the golf courses ban their members to wear sweatpants, jeans, or athletic pants as per their rules. But most of them allow women golfers to wear cropped pants, capris, skorts, or shorts to make them easy while playing. The length of the shorts or skorts should touch your knees

Tops: As per the rules of golf clubs turtleneck, crew-neck tops, or polo-style shirts can be the right top for women golfers. But most of them do not recommend their members to wear halter tops, t-shirts, strapless tops, tank tops, or tops with drawstrings, etc. while playing golf. However, most of them allow wearing traditionally used khakis and polo tops, if you like them.

Accessories: To make it easy to get a suitable look on the golf course many golf clubs to allow women golfers to wear certain accessories along with top and bottoms like visors and hats of different prints and colors. Some of them also allow their players to add color to their apparel by wearing a belt, shoes, or pink head-cover, etc. to make them look a bit more stylish.

Dresses: Though some of the brands like Adidas and Nike etc. have introduced designer women’s golf skirts but some of the golf clubs may not recommend their members to wear them depending upon their style and length. However, these dresses can make women golfers look more feminine and beautiful while playing on the golf course.

Thus, the information provided in this write-up can help you to buy cool women’s golf apparel as per the rules of your golf club.

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