A Buying Guide for Women’s Golf Polo

Golf is patience yet a chill-out game for both men and women. With proper wear, the thrill doubles up. A comfortable women’s golf polo gives you that time to concentrate on the game instead of your attire while looking cool. Women enjoy this game thoroughly, and more and more women are joining in this league.

There are wide varieties of women’s golf polo to choose from. But what are the aspects when purchasing one while maintaining your pleasure in this challenging game. Here you will understand the primary factors to check out in a golf polo for women.

Dress code

The majority of the clubs have a strict dressing rule for dressing for a golf game. Some of the rules are relaxed in women’s attire lately. Now you can incorporate patterns, designs, colors, and so on. However, women’s polo should be of good quality, comfortable, and budget-friendly. It should be keep you laid back, feel, and look good.

Appropriate Fit and Comfort

Golf polo for women should be convenient to wear and fit you properly. Too tighter, a polo will not offer your ease to swing while a baggy polo can keep falling off your shoulders. This can result in discomfort while playing. Your polo should permit you to move comfortably.


Golf clothes should be durable, breathable, and light in weight. They should be able to thwart sweat while playing the game. Stuffy and hot clothes can hamper your shot. It can also show sweat patches to others.


Golf polo for women can be pricier than tennis clothing or other casual polos. But a good quality golf polo can compensate for all the odds that come with other polo wear during the play. You can compare polo prices from different outlets offline and online to make it in your budget.

Cool Prints

To add a fashion element to your golf polo, opt for pulsating prints instead of neutrals. Neutrals can get boring. You can opt for a little color and brightens with your overall golf outfit while maintaining comfort and ease. With so many styles and shapes in golf polo for women, you can go for more relaxed prints that don’t par the rules yet maintain a unique look.

Mix and Match

Match your polos with the rest of the golf outfit to make it more interesting. Some mix and match can add in color to your golfing attire. Mix comfort and style to add versatility to your golf wear.

Choice of Material

Spandex and Polyester are considered best for women’s golf polo. They are great fit, stretchable and comfortable. You will get wide range of designs from plain, pastels, bright colors and vibrant patterns. You can choose some additional designing like mesh blocks, trimmings and so on.

Short-sleeves and Collar

If you golf club accepts, opt for short sleeved tops over shoulder or collared blouses. Some clubs allow sleeveless polos that are great during summers.


Womens golf polo are favorite part of ladies golf clothing. They come in variant colors, designs, patterns like stripes, floral motifs etc. With the help of above buying guide, you are sure to get a best, comfy, fitting and affordable golf polo.

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