What Do We Do With the Very Real Resurrection?

Does the biblical resurrection account leave us with as little evidence as some assume?

Today is Easter and we celebrate the good news that Christ is risen; he is risen indeed!

We rise—some of us much too early—to scenes of Easter baskets, jelly beans, and all things pastel. Our children climb out of bed with excitement ready to embark on a day filled with candy consumption; candy, many of them believe, that came from the Easter bunny.

This fictitious, fluffy creature has become Easter’s version of ‘Santa Claus,’ helping retailers everywhere to sell more candy, decorations, and chocolate bunnies.

Each Easter, many of us make the distinction in our own minds between the fake bunny story and the real Jesus story without much trouble. But for others, this conclusion is not as simple. Many often conflate the holiday ‘myths’ together, asserting that the likelihood of a man being crucified, buried, and resurrected is about as probable as a giant bunny rabbit bringing candy to all the world’s children.

But is this really the case? Does the biblical resurrection account leave us with as little evidence as some assume?

Scripture discusses in great detail the importance of walking by faith and not by sight; sometimes, God calls us to trust in intangible realities we can’t possibly come to see or understand this side of heaven. That being said, God has never once asked his followers to walk through life completely blind.

The evidence in support of the crucifixion, the empty tomb, and the resurrection is stronger than many think. That does not replace the need for faith, but instead shows those of us struggling with doubt that trusting in God’s saving work on the cross doesn’t first require checking our brains at the door.

We can ask tough, probing questions, knowing …

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