One-on-One with Tuvya Zaretsky on Jewish Evangelism

“There is a much greater openness to the gospel among Jewish people in North America, Eastern Europe, and also in Israel today.”

Ed: How long have you been involved with the Lausanne Movement, and what is your current role?

Tuvya: I was at the 1974 Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in Switzerland, although I was just 27 years old. I’d come to faith in Christ just three years earlier from a background in Judaism. That was my first exposure to the idea of world evangelism.

In 1980, Lausanne sponsored a conference on unreached people groups in Pattaya, Thailand. I wasn’t at that meeting, but it’s where the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) was initiated. It is now among the most mature Lausanne special interest networks and the only one today serving Jewish evangelism globally.

Since 1999, I have served as President of the LCJE International Coordinating Committee. I’m also a Lausanne Catalyst for Jewish evangelism as a bridge between the Lausanne Movement and the LCJE network.

Ed: Tell me about your current roll and what you do.

Tuvya: As a Lausanne Catalyst for Jewish evangelism, I’m one of the representatives of the Jewish evangelism network to the international Lausanne Movement. Membership in our network asks for substantial agreement in principle with the Lausanne Covenant. As President of the LCJE International Coordinating Committee, I’m providing network leadership and focus around the purposes of our network.

The primary work of that ICC is planning and hosting international consultations every four years. We do the same for our LCJE CEO conferences every two years. Our bulletin is now published three times a year, available in print and online. I also liaise our network with the larger Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism is a voluntary and elected position. My full-time …

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