One-on-One with R. York Moore on ‘Do Something Beautiful: The Story of Everything and a Guide to Your Place in It’

Jesus does not merely change our world––He changes the world.

Ed: What is ‘the story of everything?’

York: I’ve intentionally written the book to be accessible to ‘nons’ and anti-churched readers. So many great Christian books will never be read by those who need them most because we speak in coded, theocentric language. This book is accessible for the urban justice advocate who has never been to church and for the Harley Davidson biker who lives to glide over the mountains of Virginia.

This book is inspiring for those who have become one of the millions of ‘de-churched,’ who have lost their belief in the possibility of righteousness and beauty. It is accessible for just about any reader and I’ve intentionally made it so by inviting the reader into a story—the story of everything. This is my way of describing the incredible in-breaking kingdom of Jesus and how it invades our darkness and the darkness of the world.

Ed: What was the inspiration behind the book?

York: For the past several years, I’ve watched scores of Millennials come to Jesus in meaningful ways. In recent years, the number of college students coming to faith in Christ through InterVarsity USA has exploded. As I’ve studied the major heart-felt themes of new Christians and those still on their way, I was inspired to write Do Something Beautiful.

My aim is to engage the three major kingdom draws for this generation—righteousness, beauty, and purposed community. These three themes form the foundation for how nons and even anti-churched Millennials are finding their way into meaningful Christian community. There are also two places in the book where the reader can pray to receive Jesus and begin their journey into ‘the story of everything!’

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