CT’s Top 20 Stories of 2021

This year, Christians engaged with church abuse scandals, political concerns, global events, and more.

In a year that has been difficult for so many people around the world, Christianity Today’s readers came to the site wondering about the downfall of influential Christian leaders of our day, looking for advice on navigating political controversies and social tensions, and wanting to understand the unprecedented division in many churches today.

The most-viewed CT article of 2021 was our in-depth investigative report about Ravi Zacharias’s sex abuse scandal, which was translated into seven different languages and read by about two million people around the world.

CT reported on the independent investigation after RZIM’s staff pushed its leaders to take responsibility and cautioned our readers not to diminish Zacharias’s abuse by saying “We’re All Sinners.” We also covered the fallout—when RZIM declared it would no longer do apologetics, when the CMA denomination revoked Zacharias’s ordination, and when his books were pulled by HarperCollins publishing.

Our 20 most-read stories of the year are listed below in descending order, starting with No. 20 and ending with No. 1. You can find these and other top CT stories of the year here, a number of which are also offered in hundreds of CT Global translations.

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